"A man is not defined by his failures, but by his resilience"

Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Brian Eggleston. I am just another tech guy born and raised in Baltimore. I love consumer technology,l science, philosophy, and pyschology concepts that sometimes I may not fully understand. I have recently completed a B.A. at Carnegie Mellon University studying mathematics, and I wish to become a software developer. This website is meant to showcase software development and technology projecs. It was created using the Django framework for python and runs on the Heroku cloud application platform. This website itself is a project (meta!!) It is a live project that will evolve over time as I learn more about the best practices using Django, web development, server mangement, git version control, html and css. Please contact me at me@brianjeggleston.com if you have any questions. Thank you for visiting.

Recent Work


  • Language(s):Python
  • Framework(s):Django 1.7
  • Tool(s):Sublime Text, Ubuntu 14.04, Heroku

I needed a portfolio website, so I decided to build one from scratch as an exercise !!!